About Us

What is WESEL ?

This is Sri Lankan’s community largest marketplace connecting Australia & Sri Lanka. You can buy, sell, find events, help people, or find just about everything.

The best deals are often done with reliable people who live in your known country, city or on your own street, so on WESEL, it’s easy to find out best community deals in Australia or in Sri Lanka. All you have to do is select your country/estate/region.

WESEL does not specialize in any specific category and you can search items in more than 40 different categories. We also carefully review all ads that are being published, to make sure the quality is up to Australian & Sri Lankan standards.

We’ve given WESEL a stunning look and exciting new features including:

• 24/7 Community Support
• Pay and be paid with PayPal – Try PayPal at your next face to face transaction.

Facilitating successful, more efficient and safe local or international trade is our main priority. Our ambition is to continue to grow a Sri Lankan community marketplace connecting Australia and Sri Lanka where all Sri Lankan’s can prosper.